Red Hand of Doom

Bridge Out

Days 5, 6

Storming the Bridge
Next morning, Theos scouted the bridge ahead of the party in eagle form.

He was immediately spotted and set upon by a young green dragon, Ozyrrandion. Doing his best “startled eagle” impersonation, the druid wheeled around and left, only gathering a basic layout of the area.

Then San Te invisibly crept up to the bridge. As he approached, a hell hound at the tower base began sniffing the air, searching for a strange new scent. The monk quickly, quietly sprinted up the stairs, and dispatched the hobgoblin guard at the top of the tower. The hellhound was not far behind though, on the scent. Now visible, San Te kicked the devil dog off the 40 foot tower, and followed it down, landing on it with a bonecrushing finality.

This sort of astounding feat was also effective as an alarm, alerting the enemy that an assault had begun. Elendil bravely charged up to the bridge on his horse. Another hell hound raced across the expanse, and the hobgoblin in the other tower fired arrows. The rest of the party came charging up as well, with A’mar flying.

Ozyrrandion launched into the battle. Swooping in, he breathed a fan of acid on the paladin and his horse. You took a round to beat on him, but then he swooped away, back to his perch on the other side of the bridge. He drank potions, and then disappeared.

While everyone else provided cover, Theos and Az Magyar darted onto the bridge. The wizard cast obscuring mist, and the druid cast stone shape, creating a rift in the bridge’s structure.

The dragon continued his attack, and as the bridge collapsed, Ozyrrandion cried out in rage! “It will take us days to go around the gorge!” he hissed in A’mar’s face.

Bridge Oww!
With nothing left to defend, the dragon intensified his assault, darting in and out of cover using the party’s own obscuring mist. All the while, the hobgoblin archers on the other side of the gorge fired arrows at any available target. Most of them missed, but some did not.

A’mar fell under the green’s terrible claws (though resurrected in the heat of battle), and most other party members were in the single digits for hit points by the time one ragged, desperate stroke slayed the dragon. (Eldrich Bolt from the Az Magyar)

An angry roar came from the other side of the gorge, as you retreated, nearly dead, but victorious.

You didn’t stop to search for, or take treasure.


Everyone gains 1,200 experience points!


I believe San Te failed to dispatch that first Hob; as that’s the one A’mar scared out of the tower.

Bridge Out
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