Red Hand of Doom


Days 8-11

On the road, moving back toward Drellin’s Ferry, you argued about what to do. Trap the road? Helpevacuate the town. Go back to the brdige and destroy it again?

As you deliberated, the goblins made it easy for you—they attacked you.

Sort Of
An anry red draconic… creature with a hobgoblin on its back charged out of the woods to your right. The hobgoblin was barely in control, and the raging drake soon threw him off its back. In its fighting frenzy, it killed the hobgoblin, and dealt a lot of damage to you.

Not far behind, two goblins on worgs followed up. Despite the lightning boltsone threw, they were less of a challenge, and with care and long range fire, you took them down as they fled.

Unfortunately, you had your own casualty—Shadowfax, the paladin’s warhorse, was slain, valiantly defending his master. Oh, crestfallen Elendil!

After a brief mourning period, you spent time laying traps for the army, and then beat it back to Drellin’s Ferry. There, you helped evacuate the town, and began to burn everything, leaving nothing for the army to travel on.

That night, an elite soldier of Brindol, Teyani Sura, rode into town, ragged and tired. She was part of a patrol going north to speak with the elves in the Blackfens. But they ran into a rout—a roadblock set up across the road to the north. Ogres and hobgoblins hidden in a fortification overwhelmed the patrol. Teyani was the only survivor.

She was already worn, but hearing your news gave her the energy to act anew.

Elendil and Teyani shared solace that night, before she rode away before dawn, returning to Brindol to deliver the news to Lord Jaarmath of how close the army was. She lft memories, and her bandana for Elendil.

You spent the next day helping townspeople finish packing, and then you sank the barge, and burned the remainder of the town.

The next morning you set out for Brindol. You got to Terrelton that day, where the head of the Merchant’s Council seemed underwhelmed by your news. It must have been a tough town… evevn the local cleric of St. Cuthbert, Leille, was rude.

You shook the dust off your feet ,and camped outside the town for the night, before heading toward Nimon Gap.

Everyone gains 1400 experience points!


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