Red Hand of Doom

First Rumblings

Day 1

After slaying the black dragon, Nightscale, and mostly cleaning out the old dwarven fortress (Ezved will have to deal with the remaining troglodytes), you remembered a debt you had to pay.

In exchange for returning your fighter friend, Thor, to life, you had promised the church of Pelor that by summer you would go west and investigate reports of increasing hobgoblin activity in the settlements in Elsir Vale.

So you rested, stocked up, and headed west across a rocky desert to meet with Lord Kerden Jarmaath to learn more about the hobgoblin incursion.

Lord of the town of Brindol, Jarmaath welcomed you and introduced you to two new companions who had been recommended to him to deal with the threat: Elendil the paladin, and Az Magyar the wizard. In the interests of speed, he loaned you horses and sent you to Town Speaker Norro Wiston in Drellins Ferry, the westernmost settlement in Elsir Vale.

A few miles outside of Drellin’s Ferry, you were ambushed by a band of hobgoblins. They were clearly not expecting travelers of such competence, and though San Te took a beating, you gave a much, much harder beating.

After you finished the hobgoblin cleric, and his spiritual weapon dissipated, you inspected the farmhouse where they had made camp. Inside were the grisly remains of their day’s work. The hobgoblins had already killed five other travelers that day: a merchant and three bodyguards, and what looks like an unlucky farmer who stumbled across their camp.

This was bold aggression on the edge of Elsir Vale. Could Drellin’s Ferry already be under siege?


The hobgoblins had a number of good-quality weapons, armor, and a few other items. In the farmhouse, they also stored the money they took from the bodies of their victims.

Because A’mar and Az Magyar have the Arcanist ability, they can both sense magical auras, so you quickly sort out the magical items from the nonmagical ones. Determining the strength and abilities of these items requires an identify spell by one of your spellcasters, a process that could take a few hours.

Total treasure is here.


Everyone gets 808 experience points!


Az can use his identify on an item depending on what item group decides.

First Rumblings
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