Red Hand of Doom

Road Work Ahead

Days 13-14

A short, but decisive battle led to the deaths of the ogres and most of the hobgoblins in the roadblock palisade. In a startling change of MO, you let a couple of fleeing hobgoblins get away.

You continued north, until you encountered a track leading west into the marsh. Leaving your horses behind, you followed it for a while.

Before sunset, you saw a half-eaten owl up on a hill. You decided to leave it alone and kept moving.

Later, as you made camp, you were accosted by elves on living giant owls. They wanted to know what you were doing in the marsh, and they didn’t like sass.

They were looking for a giant owl. When you told them what you saw, they told you to stay put and flew away. Soem of you slept lightly, while others stayed up to watch. Four hours later, a bunch of owls returned, and they took you away.

A two hour flight, in near silence, set you at Starsong Hill, the village of Tiri Kitor elves.

These are the very elves you came to get help from, but when you explain about the army to the south, they were unmoved. They didn’t fear an army taking over human lands. Human kingdoms rose and fell without their long-lived involvement. Besides, they were busy themselves dealing with frequent lizardfolk attacks and hobgoblins at the ruined city of Rhest.

You know that there’s a wyrmlord in the swamp here. The elves also said there’s a black dragon, the size of a giant owl there. If you clear out that problem, they might have enough resources freed up to help with defense to the south.

You slept in surprisingly comfortable wicker beds that night, the first good sleep you’ve had in at least two weeks.

Everyone gains 1,350 experience points!

You now have 21,875 experience points. After a well-earned night of rest at Starsong Hill, you will all advance to 7th level!


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