Red Hand of Doom

Struck Gold

Days 12, 13

The night passed uneventfully, and you resumed riding up the road at first light. It wasn’t long before you saw a column of smoke off the road, to the south.

Naturally, you investigated. Two wagon tracks led off the road, and you followed a short distance to see an ettin and a band of goblins, burning a wagon, and toying with corpses dressed in Brindol colors.

After you defeated them, you found a note and two coffers full of gold bars. This wagon was sent to hire dwarf mercenaries from the Hammerfist Holds to the south.

Money Talks
After a lot of talk, you decided to take the money to Brindol, and continue north to the elves, instead of taking the gold south to the dwarves.

That took you about a day out of your way, and you were warned again of a roadblock on the Rhest trail northward.

You rode north on the Rhest trail, and soon, in the distance, saw an imposing wooden palisade stretched across the trail. Theos scouted in hawk form, and saw two bored hobgoblinson the roof, and two sleeping ogres inside.

This was a challenge for Brindol’s finest, but would probably be a cakewalk for the likes of you!


Everyone gains 800 experience points!


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