Red Hand of Doom

To the Bridge

Days 3-5

Immediately after the fight, you looted the bodies and explored the keep. In addition to various treasure items, you found several reports and a map in Koth’s war room, and a trap door in the floor of the tower.

The trap door lead down to a treasure trove, undisturbed by goblins or giants. A human skeleton, presumably the former Amery Vraath, lay on the floor with a giant arrow in its torso. Among the many treasures found here were Vraath’s cold-enchanted bastard sword, and a staff of life!

Heading back to the surface, A’mar identified two magic items, and you used the staff to resurrect Az. With a day’s rest and a second wizard, you identified much of the remainder of your finds, and distributed them among the party.

What You Learned
Koth’s map contains crude drawings and maneuver information for the horde that is clearly assembling against the humans of Elsir Vale. The reports indicate that the horde contains dozens of goblin, hobgoblin, bugbear, and ogre tribes from the Wyrmsmoke Mountains, all under the banner of the Red Hand, led by the High Wyrmlord, Azzar Kul, a cleric of Tiamat.

Four Wyrmlord commanders serve under Azzar Kul:

  • Saarvith, a goblin ranger—on a mission in the ruined city of Rhest
  • Ulwai Stormcaller, a hobgoblin bard—Koth does not know her whereabouts
  • Hravek Kharn, a hobgoblin Talon of Tiamat—in direct command of the horde
  • Koth, a bugbear sorcerer—was to lead the initial attack on Drellin’s Ferry, but you killed him

The map also contains a timeline of the horde’s invasion plans.

Next Steps
The next day, you sent Jorr back to Drellin’s Ferry to warn them of the coming horde. Then you struck out north toward the Skull Gorge Bridge, an obvious chokepoint for an army’s advancement on Elsir Vale. Next to the bridge on the map is a handwritten note:

“ozyrrendion holds until red hand crosses”

On the road, you encountered a trail forking away, marked by a crude giant effigy. This is how giants mark their territory, and the trail was wide enough for giants to travel. To avoid leaving potential enemies behind you, you followed the trail.

It ended at a ruined giant fortress, with one forest giant, Warklegnaw, roasting a giant boar on a spit. Once you showed him you were friendly, he offered you some roast boar, and you talked current events.

Warklegnaw doesn’t know much, but has encountered more hobgoblins than usual lately. When you showed him the giant-sized spiked gauntlet you found back at the keep, he smiled, and promised to get his distant relations in the mountains to help combat the hobgoblin threat.

It was late in the afternoon when you returned to the road, but you traveled a bit more before stopping to make camp. Theos surveyed the area in hawk form. He saw a gray render lurking in the area, but seemingly unaware of you. During the night however, it found you and did a fair amount of damage before you felled it. Like the hydra, gray renders are not common to the Witchwood.

You slept fitfully through the rest of the night.


You’ve already split up most of the treasure, but check the treasure page for changes and undeclared items.


Everyone gains 1,150 experience points!

Elendil gains a Hero Point for bravely attacking the gray render with no armor!


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