This is the running list of treasure that you’ve found and haven’t decided what to do with yet. If you decide to keep a party treasury, you can keep track of it here.


No money in the party treasury.

Non-magic Items

  • gold necklace (250 gp)
  • filthy silk cloak with gold and silver embroidered thread (250 gp)
  • 2 masterwork scimitars
  • 2 masterwork composite shortbows (+1 STR bonus)
  • masterwork morningstar
  • 4 masterwork longswords
  • 4 masterwork composite longbows (+2 STR bonus)
  • a holy symbol of Tiamat

Magic Items

  1. ?? banded mail
  2. +1 mithral breastplate
  3. +1 studded leather armor (2 sets, from the worg rider goblins)
  4. bag of holding (a bag that will hold up to 250 pounds or 30 cubic feet with no weight)
  5. scroll of mount
  6. scrolls from Sertieren: fireball, invisibility, fly mage armor, web
  7. potions from Sertieren: cat’s grace, invisibility, fly
  8. bracers of armor +1
  9. +2 ring of protection


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